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The Microsoft Store Needs to Step up its Game !

I recently went to the Microsoft Store at University Village (Seattle) to buy myself a new laptop. Being a iPhone user over the last 4 years and frequenting the Apple store has sets some expectations on what an in store experience should be. The three times I went to the Microsoft store the experience was less than satisfactory. 

Sales Representatives Knowledge

The representatives in the store though were trying to be as helpful as they could, They were sweet but lacked the in-depth knowledge I was looking for. When I asked them simple things as to how one product compares to another other than simply reading out the specs. I wanted to know if a specific machine had a broadwell vs haswell but they did not know off hand. I would expect reps to be more detail oriented in a technology store.

Selling Machines Running Older 8.1 OS

Anyway I ended up buying a Dell XPS 13 considered to be one of the top end non-gamer laptops Microsoft is championing. When I finished my purchase on August 13th my laptop, the that I took home was not running windows 10. I felt a little disappointed, though the upgrade was free, it was not something I expected. Think about it you go to a microsoft store and they are selling devices that have not been upgraded after it was launched 13 days ago. I am expecting too much ? May be I am.

I think it’s a failure on Microsoft Stores part of not focusing on the customer experience of how seamless things should be for a customer spending $1700 on a product that is being purchased at their store. I had to come home and spend nearly 1 hour upgrade a product I just bought. That really seems stupid. Why would you sell me something that’s not ready for me to use ?

In-Store Bar Code Scanner

Also something the Microsoft Store really needs to look into is why their Bar code Scanner never works ! I have bought two laptops over the last 30 days and at 4 separate instances they could not get the scanner to work. Its hard to fathom Microsoft as an organization specializing in Hardware and Software, that it employs over 100,000 people and wants to sell enterprises but cannot get simple things like a bar code scanner work in their very own store. Its an irony it really is !

I am purely assuming here but I believe that this is because sometime organizations are too big and cannot control other teams priorities. I felt that the store is not fully committed in exceeding the experience set by Apple.

Walk into an Apple store on the other hand and you go to the store decide what you want to buy, pay, sign in with you apple id and password and you have everything synced from your previous phone to your new one seamlessly all done in less than 10 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong I am a Microsoft Fan and that’s why this hurts more. I wish they focused on the last mile, the customer experience, the simplicity and the end user experience.

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Let me know what you think ?