The Art of Networking

Networking is an important aspect of any professionals life. There are several advantages in meeting and knowing more professionals from your discipline. By networking you have a ear to the ground on what is happening in your professional domain right in your backyard. You have the pulse on trends, techniques, tools and what each organization is struggling with.  It also helps you bounce ideas of your fellow colleagues in the field who have varied experience and find much needed mentors. So if you have not…

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OAuth 2 – The Fundamentals

What is OAuth 2.0 ? If you are a frequent app user using new apps you most likely have used OAuth 2.  OAuth provides an application a form of Authentication and Authorization. Authentication confirms you are who you say you are, while authorization is to give a third part app access to your primary application. Taking an example; Oauth Suppose that you have the new app (eg. TaskMaster) that you can use as a task list but it would like to leverage and copy your…

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The Interview Scene

The Interview Scene .. Excerpt I asked her how she was doing in the interview process and she said, “I’m actually still trying to get an interview.” “That’s weird.” I told her. “I thought you had already met with them a few times.” “Well, I grabbed coffee with the founder, and I had dinner with the team last night, and then we went to a bar together.” I chuckled. She was clearly confused with the whole matter. I told her, “Look, you just made it to the third…

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