Technical Program Manager (TPM) Salary Analysis Seattle, 2017

Salary Analysis of Senior Program Managers in Seattle4 min read

Salary Analysis of Senior Program Managers in Seattle

UPDATED : New post on Salaries for TPMs 2017 


Having covered Roles and responsibilities of project managers, Program managers in my previous post. In this post I am taking a deeper look into compensation for these roles here in Seattle. How much does a Program Manager make ? What should your Salary as a Program Manager be and what are the subtle differences between a Program Manager, Senior Program Manager, Technical Program Manager, Lead Program Manager and a Principal Program Manager. Having discussed Roles and responsibilities in my previous post Lets look at Compensation here.

What is defined as compensation ? In my opinion it’s the Base Salary + Stock or Bonus  + any significant perks.

Base Pay

Base pay/salary is pretty straightforward. It is the minimum pay you are eligible for. In almost all organizations there is a bands or levels. Each having a defined range of base pay, Bonus and stock options.  Each level or band has unique set of expectations from the employee. Its always good to know when you move into a new organization on the band you would be joining at.


Bonus on the other hand depends on your base salary and also depends on the performance of either your business unit or the company as a whole. When discussing about your possible bonus payout when you join your company. It is always advisable to ask what the average bonus % is and what the min and max % are. This would give you an approximate value for you to calculate what your possible earnings for a year might be. Most companies give anywhere from 10 to 15% of the base salary as a bonus to their top performers. Which is why the Base salary is important. Salary Analysis of a Senior Program Manager in Seattle

It is important to understand what types of compensation at the companies you are looking to join.


Stock is is normally given in terms of value vested over x% every year. Most often its vested over a 4 year or five year period.


Ohh this is a very interesting aspect to discuss. Perks can range from getting free flights if you work for Alaska Airlines, to getting large number of vacation days in other places or even a year long maternity leave. Every company offers some perks. In seattle most offer ORCA for free some offer a gym membership.. It all comes down if you can and will utilize them and what is the value it adds to your life.

Finally here is the real deal. My tabulation of Program Manager Salaries in Seattle, values might change but that’s waht the links are there for.

Salary Analysis of Senior Program Managers in Seattle

Avg Base
Google Senior Program Manager $161,788 $227,840 Link
Facebook Technical Program Manager $145,712 $195,094 Link
Amazon Senior Technical Program Manager $141,445 $177,990 Link
Microsoft Senior Program Manager $137,222 $169,120 Link
Amazon Senior Program Manager $119,288 $158,803 Link
SalesForce Technical Program Manager $124,872 $157,877 Link
Adobe Senior Program Manager $129,603 $157,658 Link
Big Fish Games Technical Project Manager $99,948 $151,585 Link
VMWare Senior Program Manager (Product Security) $147,835 $147,835 Link
Expedia Senior Program Manager $124,098 $145,226 Link
T-Mobile Senior Project Manager $111,758 $145,017 Link
Starbucks Senior IT Project Manager $129,417 $139,849 Link
Getty Senior Program Manager $133,681 $138,129 Link
Philips Senior Project Manager $124,093 $138,063 Link
Zillow Senior Program Manager $130,410 $135,680 Link
AT&T Senior Techenical Project Manager $127,705 $132,977 Link
F5 Networks Senior Program Manager $125,981 $131,257 Link
EMC Senior Technical Project Manager $107,164 $131,080 Link
AT&T Senior Program Manager $115,763 $125,839 Link
Russell Investments  Project Manager $103,186 $125,711 Link
Nordstrom Sr. Program Manager $115,162 $124,599 Link
AT&T Senior Project Manager $107,012 $121,451 Link
AT&T AT&T Senior IT Project Manager $107,012 $121,451 Link
Disney Careers Senior Program Manager $114,230 $119,303 Link
Rhapsody Senior Program Manager $113,451 $116,558 Link
REI IT Project Manager $104,362 $112,614 Link
Gates Foundation Project Manager $99,752 $99,752 Link
Nuance Communications Project Manager $110,070 $0 Link
Panasonic Avionics Corp Program Manager III $102,797 $0 Link
Average $121,201 $$142,532  
Pay Scale Report
Senior Program Manager $122,755 $138,157 Link Report
Program Manager $125,600 $133,284 Link
Glass Door
Senior Program Manager Salary $131,840 Link
Principal Program Manager $161,876 Link
Amazon Principal Technical Program Manager $159,213 Link

Salary Analysis of a Senior Program Manager in Seattle

Microsoft & Amazon

Here is some information on the various levels at Microsoft.

59 and 60 – Level 1 (PM I)
61 and 62 – Level 2 (PM II)
63 and 64 – Senior (Senior PM)
65 through 67 – Principal
68+ -Partner, Director, GM

Amazon Salary Comparison by Title  

Base Total Comp Link
Technical Program Manager $119,237 $163,758 Link
Technical Program Manager II $123,636 $147,380 Link
Technical Program Manager III $140,775 $183,754 Link
Senior Technical Program Manager $143,104 $182,776 Link
Principal Technical Program Manager $156,478 $275,045 Link


Always remember that all values listed here are subject to change that’s why I have added a link as well. Also another very important piece of information is that all numbers here are AVERAGE. Please remember that there are quite some people making a lot more and a lot less.

Salary Analysis of Senior Program Managers in Seattle

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