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SAFe Framework

Scaled Agile Framework – SAFe

Enterprise Agility  – Scaled Agile Framework – SAFe Scaled Agile Framework SAFe A proven, publicly available framework for applying Lean-Agile practices at enterprise scale and is the property of Scaled Agile, Inc. Every company big and small are following some variant of Agile. Organizations in the quest for iterating on smaller features, developing and delivering faster have pushed all their teams to take up some flavor of agile be it Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Extreme programming, etc.   Once the teams start working in an agile fashion delivering faster,…

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Continuous Integration – True agility for software development

Continuous delivery is the implementation of the developing, compiling, deploying, testing, and releasing software in an automated fashion with an aim to compress the time to release. Continuous delivery or continuous integration aims to have a quick and  automated feedback to evaluate and understand the production readiness of a release candidate. This philosophy is embraced by Devops which defined as the software development method that emphasises on communication and tight collaboration between all the parties involved in the software development lifecycle. As Agile gains momentum…

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