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Interview Questions for a Technical Program Manager

Interview Questions For A Technical Program Manager (TPM)

Interview Questions for a Technical Program Manager  Ohh where do I start ? Over the last 6 months or more I have been in the process of being interviewed and I have also interviewed a several candidates (yes, yes the irony !). It has been a very interesting journey to say the least. Which is why I thought it would be a good idea to write this post on “Interview Questions for A Technical Program Manager”. I have learnt a lot on what and how one…

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Salary Analysis of a Senior Program Manager in Seattle

Salary Analysis of Senior Program Managers in Seattle

Salary Analysis of Senior Program Managers in Seattle Salaries Having covered Roles and responsibilities of project managers, Program managers in my previous post. In this post I am taking a deeper look into compensation for these roles here in Seattle. How much does a Program Manager make ? What should your Salary as a Program Manager be and what are the subtle differences between a Program Manager, Senior Program Manager, Technical Program Manager, Lead Program Manager and a Principal Program Manager. Having discussed Roles and responsibilities in…

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Certifications – To do or not to do

The sheer number of certification one can do is infinite. Companies like Microsoft and Oracle alone have more than you could possibly count. My first hand experience I could tell you both of these companies do not hold any value to these certifications when you interview with them. Which means to say having a certification does not offer more than a icing on the cake.At some point I think that certifications started out as a business unit to get individuals trained and certified to promote…

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The Interview Scene

The Interview Scene ..

http://qz.com/225782/the-next-thing-silicon-valley-needs-to-disrupt-big-time-its-own-culture/ Excerpt I asked her how she was doing in the interview process and she said, “I’m actually still trying to get an interview.” “That’s weird.” I told her. “I thought you had already met with them a few times.” “Well, I grabbed coffee with the founder, and I had dinner with the team last night, and then we went to a bar together.” I chuckled. She was clearly confused with the whole matter. I told her, “Look, you just made it to the third…

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